Up and at Em# con Miss Cal Hambres y El Mole Stosso

Steve Kornaki closed the Rainbow Room and Brian Williams is eating oysters with the Mighty Mighty Bosstonnes in at the Bay State.

Should have listened

Rachel ignored the advice from Big Dora’s Granma and the Sacramento(s) transplant to Mass-ah-Franchutes went swimming at in RIO after eating pork with her shrimp, —on the Barbie— no less.

And in Washington, en Washington no pasa nada because Quentin Tarantino is a Magician who outsmarted Saint–Lazarus using a re-boot of Veronica MARS.

Los Lanisters en BFM TV

Los Lanisters en BFM TV, tonight at 19h30 in Emmanuel Macron’s time.

Mean, while Rachel Maddow dealt with her cramps after she went Swimming for fishes at Oyster Bay, The SOUTH WESTERN façade of The Tower of San Santiago (and/or James or Jacques) sparked a flame that burned the penthouse of the Building in front of Benoît, a high-posh eatery a La Marais.

Google Maps is lost

Google Maps is lost, Jon Scofield probably got a hold of the navigation buttons, and headed straight to Santiago de Compostela.

Trascendió, que la French LAW at BFM’er TV prohibits it’s news gatherers from working beefour 7h50 in Central Siren Times… fucking ivory towers communications in Technicolor.

And it ain't no Joke

And it ain’t no Joke.:.0344E22A-0F21-44D6-A43D-D6B6F618D7CE

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