Baby Bulbito Scarborough’s family photos

An Uncle Meat and Zappa production

Hello World

Hello World

Starring: La Familia Scarborough and Frank Zappa as Roman Polanski.

Aug_2010_The Atlantic_Page 13

“Illness as a metaphore,” Aug_2010_The Atlantic_Page 13.

Sinopsis: La evolución de “Filamentito” el primer hijo de la Netocracia y la Serendipia. Antoniette “de las nieves” Fouqué… o algo así propone un texto en Vox de Daniel Mesguich as Sigmund Freud, interpretando a el fantasma de la infancia de un tal Léonard de Vinci.

In this universe...

In this universe… BRONTIS JODOROWSKI’s Ka•Ra•Te training for Jodorowsky’s failed DUNAS de SAMALAYUCA can’t shine a light on a very young concept of FILAMENTITO as SANTIAGUITO “PINDELL” SCARBOROUGH.

… Track 4 from “The Man from Utopia”:
FIP… “The radio is broken”
STOP letting that darn Uncle Southern touch the Navigation System, that fucker is Worst than Meat Loaf on the 2016 Trumpian Caravan. Öüï repeat, don’t let Jon Scofield touch the GPS.

Spaghetti Gumbo

Spaghetti Gumbo: Here’s an old, old Story’Bout a man and a woman, Gone to California, ‘Cause they got married… All their friends in Boston, Are so very happy ; etc., Etc., ETC., period

Chapter X

No Insistas Comadre Lety

No Insistas Comadre Lety… Track 21 (Project X) is with Track 22 (Crusing for Burgers).

Cousin Joe and Mika order a designer baby.

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