The 7th Inning Stretch à la française

Yup. This here, motherfucker, is an InterMission:

Wait Önë

The new album from “Prohibition”.

Anygüey Katy Kay, pay no attention to the Philly Phanatic “chris matthews”, and let us read from the gospel of Jean-Loup Chiflet’s 99 bottles of Veer on Da’Wall et expressions à foutre à la poubelle, por ejemplo Houellebecq et Depardieu, fuck’em pay no attention to them ; one likes to suck on Putin’s dick and the other one is French.


Pg. 66: Ghetto ;
bonus round, page 40 “Citoyen », and if you are the Dora the dorito explorer, flip over to page 71: “ICONOCLASTE”, which is nothing but a lesson in Circular repetition, la redundancia de los PeJe’s.


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