OMARA… So nothing Really mattress, eh!?

I Love Paris

Don't make mí, hate it

Don’t make mí, hate it

Bagnolet exige un Commissariat de plein exercice ; y no uno como el ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

Just a riffip

Just a RifFip… with Huey Lewis and the NEWS. “Back to the future”, baby. Wait for it… wait:

En Francia, muchachos sus penes cuestan 30 euros o un pantalón del Tumbador, “Let’s do this” Bear had French for Breakfast.

Don't shoot the Grizzly!!!

The following is a Public Service announcement, exclusively for: Brontis à la préfecture de Cité. And fo the record, “no good deed goes unpunished”, Chris Matthews great-grand dad dix-it.

PSA fou Hu

PSA foHu… Hola David, there is context for this Public Service “announcement”, your récepissé  is at the Bagnolet MAIN post office. Wait for context, wait. P.S. your document was found on Rue de Pont Neuf .

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