No, no, no, FIP — you, motherfuckers, D.U.S.T. yo’Selfves off

The following inning/outing is brought to you by the Swiss. Switzerland, always neutral, except when rubber bullet EUROS are at Stake/Faith.

when life gives you pulco en vez de pulque

Instant Replay:

Hu's on FOist

Hu’s on FOist, Nobody is righting the field and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound à Belleville (75020). Kornaki tried to steal 2nd, and Killer Mike thought that his New York Jay–Z Yankees hit the ball out of la Verdadera bastilla mexicana.

13h20 cet

Been D.A.R.E.

Been D.A.R.E., done D.A.T.

Punishment due.

"Last mistake...

“Last mistake…:.FCB8763D-499C-44DC-9A48-596A401C50AE •|• No More Faith/Stakes

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