El Sarampión, Ari Melber and Latino U.S.A.


Thyme Now: 11h40 à Biarritz

Thyme Now: 11h40 à Biarritz

Hu is on First (Cité)
Nobody is righting the Île
Killer Mike is at the Plate.

Dear, Marianne

Dear, Marianne, please wait Önë while our shortstop, —Eye don’t give a darn— sith one out for this Double Play. Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound and, Steve Kornaki is trying to steal Second base, and [of course] the Material Girl goes: What?


El ensarapado pion and, Latino NPR on the Ari Melber devil's avocado show.

The Walkabout

The Walkabout.:.Union76

But first here’s a Drone Shot from our Génie de la bastilla mexicana cubriendo a Bagnolet (RATP 76)

Killa'Ike makes contact

Killa’Ike makes contact with Camilo’s “Idiot baller” anzuelo. Larry Bird, sir, you have my number on your old Dirty Bostonnian jersey. Please give it back. Give Eye back his number.

… [P]erdio.

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