The following is a fip approved P.A.I.N. killa’

Who’s on Sykes?

Con la bendición de

Con la bendición de Laboratorios Camacho, en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas.:.EDE6744D-DCE9-400B-8033-B105CA0F5A5F •|• y por supuesto, de la chingada Fédération internationale pharmaceutique en Amsterdam, FIP en A

Charlie is, you dork! And stick to Cricket you fucking Grillo!! Now get back to Australia and put your fucking paddings on!!!

Tag, you'IT

Tag, you’IT… stand by for Killer Mike’s almost “Babe Ruth” moment when the Atlanta native braves a call to hit it out of the park ; Killer Mike points his Louisville Slugger to Right field. Camilo Cienfuegos looks over his left shoulder, past Madge which prompts the diva to say: What? And then, Camilo tips his noggin down to signal Nobody, who is of course righting the Outback.

And NOW dis (gNuts) in Local News:

President Macron was able to save the best WaWa in the world by quarantining a su par, el Putin de Rusia. Good DEFENSE D.A.R.E. on the Part of them Frogs. When asked for comment, the Russian oligarch, and Donald Trump’s boss, said that he felt “like a Y.E.L.L.O.W. coat without sleeves”.

Who's on Sardines?

Who’s on Sardines?
The Who.:. that’s who.

In solidarity with the Russian offensive, the Italian Donald Trump, un tal EnSalivado, o algo así, pulled a Florence Cassez with la Rana Rene, who was vacationing with some other clueless frog.

Let’s play HARDball

Here comes another double

Here comes another double. Hey, Larry Bird, you are wearing my number.

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