The nerve of Sciences Po — The Polls are Talking

Attention, All Units. Attention all Units.
MAYOR BILL del tal Blasio just re-enacted La Toma del Christophe de Las Noas and now he is running for Mme. Hidalgo’s post… in París!!! The Nerve of them criminoLOGistica sunglasses advertisement shows from the Donnie Deutsch-es-esos y sus chingados MEGAloMELANIA Merguezes… Eye means, mergers not Merguez [KEEP MUNCHING THE Chorizo de Toluca down Mr. Noah, keep on munching on a Free Comedy World]. The Nerve of that motherfucking MET.

Stick around… “there is a method” to them Stones madness-es-ESE.

Here, little ol’mí (on Short-stop), OUT!!!

Señoras y señores, no les hagan caso a Las Mesdames de Jodorowski, y de paso, que chingue a su madre El Topo y los Gleasons.

Hey, Mika!!!

Hey, Mika!!! The October Classic is just around un chingado Grito de Independence.

But FOist, the Bal de Le WET T-shirt Curva Spitter Slider ball from Camilo Cienfuegos, mean ; while the Philly Phanatic wonders about What (in d’Fuck) is ah-going ON, The Who faces the Artist formally Gknown as:

Elise Jordan:

El broche de Jordan

El broche de Jordan… Dear, Katty Kay, Nº 10 is at the Wet Tee-shirt contest. At Canoga Park’s “La Breasserie”. Mr. Zappa hosts the bal.

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