No, no, no, no, Sonny* boy



Please, as your Señor daddy, Mr. Reiner, would put it to “los cristeros” de Andy García, « never mind the “unmentionables”, and you, Sonny boy, step into MY misery”.


LA LA LA means love. Te lo dice un bernardino from the Inland, casi esquina con El Rialto y La Fontana.

“Badges‽… keep ’em in the same pocket with them Donald Trump “tonka trucks », we [the staff] can build millenarian Pyramids without know-stinking Donald Tonka®️ trucks trump Towers ».

John Wayne

John Wayne… now in TECH–ni–COLOR… a Public BloGcast Announcement from tour YOUR local D.V. of A. around La Europa. Time Now 10 hundred hours in condorCET.

We just need a little Leverage, Mr. Noah, and not necessarily “las palancas” de Diego Luna.

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