Dear, Fip.frAÿed ends of sanity (pas de salade)

The Cuban is Noam Chomski, professor of semiotics and other assorted political Signs… and Donnie Deutsch, if you “take the time” to have your interns do a “googly” EyES transliteration, not a literal traducción del texto, encontraras, you pretty little flower to be seen on Madison Ave., tus referenCIAs a Mussolini y su pose de Putin’s little Bitch con los brazos cruzados.

Walking in ElEy

Walking in EL EY and reading in París. Hoy no hubo msnbc’s. Merry MX-Mas… and Placido Domingo goes: Ho. Ho. Ho.

Playball, and we [the staff] are going on a Super Market trash–and–waste diet, dr. pepper.

It’s the 11h00 hour in Central Nova Time.

But FOist, who are you, and what did D.O.S.E. “polka dots” put inside Ms. Rhule’s cup?

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