Deer, Ari Melber

It is, motherfucker, about time…

Ya era Hora, ‘ijoehputa!!!

… de meter a REEL gangster on your fall-back viernes, a[n] historien … and for the record, señor Ari, that is Avocado Green, not just plain “green“. Just sayin’. Bee Cause is in the “thee” tails and the dentils.

Madge on Shortstop

Madge on Shortstop, Trump on putter, and DEFF, on First, —i  thought so— Ari on some seattleite radio show.. Anygüey, viva. “The Life of Brian.”  Fuck the Mike Huckabee baptist church.

Check the coordinates:

— Seven steps from “La Isla Calaca”; a Mexican joint on:

No brat here...

No brat here… puro CHIPLE, güey.

Rue Ambroise Thomas*
casi a un lado de un “avocado” de Seattle… 75009
just sayn’,
Bee cause kneads an Avocat:


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