Dear, FIP.frAÿEd ends of Sanity

Farm dis’… and never mind them Reagans.

c'mon NOW

c’mon NOW… EX, marks the spot[a].

Wait ÖnË: TimË Naugh is, 14 hachis achis Los mAriachis, —in C.E.T.

Deer the Brat, at Ari Melber’s fallback, we [the staff] have no Objection with Thick and, —you know— DEFF.

Coming up in September:

The National de Justice de Pétanque
Saint Martin de ré, with your host:
Randy Johnson.


Issy, halls of justice en PlyWould.

Dear, Mr. Noah, please stand-by for “The Shortest Straw”… there is a Two Second delay.



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