In Apocalipsis nuevas: Langostas en Las Vegas pg. 26 / 27

Sen. KloUbuchar: RELEASE THE KASIE!!!

Over at “Moscow Mitch’s” desk, the same Parfitt reporter from The Times, in London, reports that the Kentucky senator disagrees with Tom (parfitt, in Moscow) issuing out a Twitt to his boss, reassuring that PUTIN’s regime is better than “The Soviet Years”. The senator then headed over to the Philippines, where another despot, “flew 88 mostly female ex-rebels from the New People’s Army,” on a motherfucking Shopping all-expenses Spree of Ivanka Trump’s brand in Hong Kong ; you can read all about it on page 28 of the World section of the Times, of Tuesday, YESTERDAY August 6 2019.

Singh it

Singh It, for Kashmir and bring out the Umbrellas in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, at the BBC in Rockefeller Plaza, Katty Kay has sequestered Adrianne El Rod. Good for The Big Kat.

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