Make morning Joe boring again: Bring Back Camaleón Malaparte!!!



“Interlude” with the victims. 7 de agosto 2019 / Nº 1411 Charlie Hebdo, pg. 15.

Camilo is still at the Mound and Madonna is short-stopping Brad who swings on Camilo’s spiked trooper slider and Manu Chao shoots a line to Second Base where “Madge” gets the out on Leo.

Over at ESPN 8 (el ocho)

Hot Tamales promotions

Hot Tamales promotions.

Mean, while Charlie Hebdo identifies the brain of the El Paso (kill bill) shooter, at the owners box, Charles Manson is foaming at the mouth, and Quentin Tarantino just got dicked by Cheney, the daughter not the Turkmenistan’s despot buddy who ran the Bush 43 administration, sources from the “daily newspaper of the year” in London print all of the Gates of Hell fit to print on page 29 of The World section of The Times.

Facebook Friends far better

All the social affairs fit to print at The Times: Facebook Friends far better than « Mick Jagger’s » neighbors, page ONE; £1.80 for street walkers and, “ONLY” £1.10 for subscribers. (Prices are subject to SKYrocket once Johnson defies “any VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE.”

Connect I Cut: Just BAN military grade killing tools, and Loud Pipes, don’t kill people… motorcycles Kill People too, y’Gnow, so wear a helmet.


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