at 15:40 in CET the American press has no dignity

Dear, Queen of the United Kingdom, señor Primer Ministro de la Inglaterra, please bee advised that we [the staff, of this most inconsequential blog] STOLE the “funnies” section of The Times. We [the staff] engaged MI-6 in this manner because there’s a Nazi sympathizer landing in “That Old West Texas Town of El Paso”.

Hey, mr. Fancy Pants.

Hey, mr. Fancy Pants… stand-by for target practice. En VIVO desde el Cerro de Las Campanas en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua – México:

In an effort to speak to the president Trump, The White House correspondents rely on a turbine to act as a buffer to the Buffon–in–Chief, as he (el señor Trump) goes on a “Victory” lap.

Flip it

Flip and connect the DENTELLONES, Professor Victoria. Do you need help?

Mean, while donald trump puts on a show for the Rolls Royce Turbine deal that the military brits made yesterday, Nationalist Indians and Nationalists Pakistanis both have Nuclear Weapons  pointing over each other in Kashmir, and yes, Zeppelin goes here.

Only on KLAQ.

Only on KLAQ in Albu[r]KOIkee, sponsored by the Marty Robins hoods. The Marty Robins hoods, a Staple of  the Dish Network Call Center, casi Esquina con Socorro, antes de ARRIVAR a Glorieta’s Asaderos de los Licon(es), Deer Jason SoderEYEcan’t remember your Last NAME: don’t leave TOWN bee four visiting the Petting Zoo and trying los asaderos de Licón, (güey), just head East on Paisano Dr., opposite from Coronado, because Coronado is the “Sketchy” part of town that the BRITS traveling to Centro América avoid at all costs. Source on that trip from The Oxford Club, follows.

BEE CAUSE IT’s FINALS WEEK on the History Channel, where it’s Hitler, all the Thyme, and 24/7 per year since 1938.

* KATrine KANTina, formally “ROSA’s Cantina,” where Katrina Kantina used to do the POLLS as Felina… what can we [the staff] say, Öüï love Chat.

DEAR, Mr. President of Them United States:

Eye D.A.R.E. your fancy pants to Steal a Horse in El Paso. Murder, you made it Legal for White Nationalists, but steal a horse and see what the Law will do to your Cuatrero ass, eh‽ Them Marty Robins hoods will Hang You Until you are D.E.A.D., so please Steal a Horse near CINCO PUNTOS, cabrón.

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