For a few Dollars Moore, with Sen. Amy KloUbuchar

Live from El Chuco, starring a very bloody Guns don’t Shoot peoples: Donald Trump and the National Rifle ASSOCIA tíos Do.

Let's try it again, fip

En Todas las Indias se cuecen habas.:. y lo’Pior es de que “el potrillo” de don Chente ya padece del Síndrome de Helsinki… ASÍ NO SE PUEDE!!! —•— “Oh, ¿y ahora quién podrá Ayunarnos?”… YO, dijo Frankie Zapata desde la casa de Marianne en MarsELLA.

08:30 in Central SIRENS thymes… and at 10:50 Radio France International is miscaracterizing Trump, Listen up Memo Farolis de los Fippers de Issy ; mira Frenchy, la cosa es así:

1. Donald Trump’s speech is not “radical”, it is Racist.
2. Tribilín toca El Tres en Cuba, y Clarabella mueve el bote que Dios le dio.
3. Donald Trump’s speech to the Nation has always been racist. It will remain in Full Racist mode and he won’t stop until Vladimir Putin takes back Alaska and the rest of the Louisiana deal.

So, lest you forget, Frenchy, the last time that your Radio Waves pussy-footed with a white nationalist in power your CDG had to play Julian Assange at Heathrow’s GKNOTTINGham terminal.

For the record, Beto, mi querido Beto, we [the staff] of this most non-consequential don’t pick and select the frames, but we dig what Rep. Escobar said about that big fucking Heart on the “mirador” de Mount Franklin, and please, never mind that Brexit Crane en el FONDO de las ClignanCourts (75018)… remember that “Zip Code” zinger, Miss Elrod? Of course you don’t, but i bet you Madam, do remember those “Hamburgers in Paradise”.

Amigo, Gustavo...

Amigo, Gustavo… got Heart o siguen de Periodistas que sí saben poner acento en Las APs, las EFEs y las AFPs?

—– oh, and Lest[er] Holt forgets, Zeppelin goes Here:

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