Deer, Hans Nichols… you are funny.

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson!

So, if Donald sweet talks the nation and that Son of a real bitch puts on The Presidential “omaha trip” eyes, then that is a plus for the Republic?

Video killed the Radio

Video (trump) killed the Radio (FDR).

But, hey, let’s HEAR what the Chief says:

Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus.

Yup, a wicked Make America Great Again Twisted Monster killed on your cues, and your COMMANDS.

As a president, You Donald Trump, are an abomination on the nation. You are a coward and you are a Racist. The blood of those López Obrador constituents resulted from that Warped Script that you gave at The County Barnhouse. You are the HATE PROPAGATOR OF NAZI SITES.

Ban all Assault Weapons. And then ban Hate Speech from the White House. Of course, a mentally disturbed individual like yourself can always beat the $¥$t€m with “daddy’s” checks. What’s your autistic son’s name? Hopefully your Southern Baptist pulpit monsters can pray for his soul. Fuck you Donald.

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