Deer, Bill Maher… release the three–year old Marianne Willamson

… and please Stand-by while we [the staff] address that fucking Australian, John Oliver ; you fucking werewolf, ewe.


Silly Korn Songs… “and what’s wrong with that?” (period) Coma Maïs.

:33 past the hour, KASIE HUNT just told Sen. Coons that the Fusiles en El Paso y Dayton are the Donald Trump makings. It’s the president’s CARNAGE.

:49 after the hour, Kasie DC is talking truth to TRUMP, but she (Kasie) is only a holograma because Sen. Kloubuchar is keeping the real Kasie DC in Recess.

Release the KC

Release the KC

It is now 02 hundred 30 in 5.56 x 45 times (NATO times).

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