“”Sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy” ibid.

In an effort to prevent Sir Paul McCarthney’s memory box loss, öüï, the staff of this most inconsequential blog bring you the following statement from the Secretary of Foreign Relations of the Mexican United States, Marcello Ebrad:

We (the Mexican United States) kindly remind all our Duck Thales non–readers that YOU MUST BEE AT LEAST thirthy-five years of Age, so that early ChristMas shoppers can begin to Ignore your "lies" D.A.R.E..

From La Jornada, en El Antiguo Distrito Federal, hoy simplemente CDMX.

The boy who cried Wolf

The boy who cried Wolf.:BC55718D-9618-422B-BDDB-85FBFF4AB0B4 … but it was just another American Natural-born White Supremacist.
Only on the Disney Channel.


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