Sen. KloubuCHAR, release the Kasie DC!, We [the staff] sense that the Russians are kidnapping all of the Hottest Talking heads.

Release the Kasie

Release the Kasie!!! TimeStamp: 19h20 Central NATO Thymes. In MoTown, the situation has now beecome a SHAMEFUL display of Off-limit places for tourists, reports the FOX News antenna por Detroit. Our favorite talking head [Kasie Dc] was the latest “body snatched” VICTIM of a Band of Australian gypsies who are in caHOOTS with a “Joey” from ScrappyTown, PennStationvania. TUCKER Carlson, the Third (off-Course), who perhaps (next to Ted “chicken” Nuggets) is the most trusted source of NewS for Trump Voters reports that The Band of Australian Gypsies strategy starts by pulling a 3.1416 through the Radio of their “pre-selected” targets and then proceeding to request fake signatures while they (the Australian Gypsies) suck the living EMANCIPATION of them tourists, while in Detroit

The El WaPo’s Transcript of Bernie’s Medicare plan for Tapper/Bash on CNÑ

… Transcription for Inglés Sin Barreras customers follow, in the mean time, here’s Round One between some guy named Ryan (tin tim) and Bernie motherfucking Sanders: Courtesy of Time in a Bottle by Joan Manuel Serrat:


RYAN: But you don’t know that — you don’t know that, Bernie.

SANDERS: Second of all —

TAPPER: I’ll come to you in a second, Congressman.

SANDERS: I do know it, I wrote the damn bill.

öüïL always have Vania

öüïL always have Vania.:4000A505-E1E5-4AD9-9308-F75285D4AFE6… fuck poseidon!

Play it again at ’33, SAM.

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