Dear, John Oliver ; wait Twö while i address Cousin Joe

in LAs IsLAS Marías

Wait for context

Wait for Context, because BETO, it’s fucking being sent for corrections… pero, mi apreciado, aquilatado, y siempre Vanityvobitziado, please inform the West Texas Town of El Paso, U.S. District Attorney that a “one-week” Dora the Explorer expedition will not cover YEARS, decades,  and/or Century of C.I.A. torturing of the peoples that the Administration tags today as a “triangle”, por ejemplo, mi estimado Francis, remind the Bash’s third masterpiece that in a one-week certification trip, the TEST will not cover INVOLUNTARY CASTRATION, or to put it in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TERMS OF actualités … WAIT FOR IT, wait.

It’s the bottom of the Third, and Camilo Cienfuegos, a first generation immigrant to CUBA [because of a fascist Spain under Francisco Franco] remains at the Mound and “Archevâché Loca” is sending the Signal back to Cienfuegos who then  reminds the Humpy Dance creator that, Lest[er] Holt forgets, it was your so Called “Digital Underground” that encouraged an ENTIRE GENERATION to “grab’em by the BISCUIT”.


The Republic is not a shopping mall

The Republic is not a shopping mall for prison Syndicates and their federally appointed Gringo Mercenary TRIADS

Councilman O’rourke:

If Elected President, would you consider the following, based on THE EXPERT ASSESSMENT OF the U.S. Attorney for the Western District Court:


La visita del fiscal de la corte federal de los Estados Unidos Americanos del distrito poniente (oeste, pues) de Tejas se destapó en defensa de los intereses económicos de la familia Trump y sus asociados al decirse consternado por la situación del éxodo de centroamericanos estancados en ambos lados de la frontera México / E.E.U.U.

El fiscal, John bash TERCERO, dijo hoy a un medio popular estadounidense (americano) que las razones ECONÓMICAS, citadas por distinguidos medios estadounidenses (americanos) como las principales razones por las que DICHO ÉXODO DE  CENTROAMERICANOS ABANDONA SUS PAÍSES NO ES VALIDA ANTE LAS LEYES federales DEL DISTRITO PONIENTE DE TEXAS*.

* Fair enough, Mr. Bash, but hold that HASTERISK, Fenster the copyeditor is gathering “COTEJADOS” from the BOSCH/Carriles Can Cun Connection ; please hold that HASTERISK.


The U.S. Attorney for the Western texas district warned that neither extortion (a result of gangs created by an ILLEGAL RONALD REAGAN WAR), nor economic stagnation caused by (check this out BETO) EMINENT DOMAIN or ecological devastations like the ones that berta casares was murdered for in HONDURAS, are grounds for ASYLUM REQUESTS.

According to Mr. BASH, persecution or incarceration by a sitting government (like say China, Russia, and as of YESTERDAY: Mexico) are the only detonators for compassion.

SO, COUCILMAN O’rourke, if Elected president of the United States after Donald Trump, will you be willing to welcome the people of TABASCO? The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has vowed to crush anyone that gets in the way of his FOSSIL FUEL PROJECT. ADDITIONALLY, under these same, but retro-active scenario would you, AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be willing to welcome the SAN SALVADOR DE ATENCO victims from the last Mexican Soft/Strongman.


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