Intermedio con Tinny Tiny Cat … oh, the Republic

Know Too Pipole will Do it the Sey’m

Eye get stupid...

Eye get stupid…:757DDFB9-3F55-47F7-B434-E67781A0C30A

👁 gets stupid…:757DDFB9-3F55-47F7-B434-E67781A0C30AHey everybody, the Western World is on vacation/holiday as the second debate between the Donkey party battles it out on the stage.

“… [B]asta de carreras,
se acabo la timba
Un final reñido ya no vuelvo a ver
Pero si algún pingo (del Western District)
llega a ser fija el domingo
Yo (Teeny Tiny Cat)
me juego entero
Qué le voy a hacer ».

—– in Washington, The Rook has bearded the Chuck!!! MSNBC is out of Control. Surprisingly, donald trump cleared the Ruble at the 9-11 site, all by himself, and then, he ended Slavery, at his golf courses. Jesus Christ, had to descend and BEEstow a James Brown towel at the Glorious back of this magnificent Son of a real Bitch.

And still to come, Chuck Todd sends a Text, it is a disturbing one, it reads:

RELEASE THE BEARD!!! Get it off Meeeeeee!

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