Dear, John Oliver ; wait Önë while i address Cousin Joe

Kay?… nope, that’s fake Katy Kay nº6 D.A.R.E., Eye seems to get a whiff of pedos de Algodón Carnavalero.

Out in the West Texas

🎶 Out in the West Texas town of El Chuco…

Today’s line-up includes Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in for Cousin Joe, who is under the SEPTEMBER Huracanes ramireze’s–es. “El Presidente”, as don Andrés is referred to under the United States (mexican) Constitution clears Las Islas Marías for Johnattan Swan. El presidente GKnows that Swan feels at home swinging in the confines of a ballpark like THAT.

Y NO corazón

Y no Corazón, ese “dugout” no es Lomas de Poleo, but the same tactics applied, armed guards 24/7… but that was in another ERA.

Camilo Cienfuegos is at the MOUND and winds are blowing from the North. The Third Base heckler, former Republican Guard, Michael “Humpty” Steel is sending in the GOP Bacardi clowns, entitled 3rd Generation assholes who think Latin America is a New “Ricky Martin” version of “West Side Story”.

Look, Derek...

Look, Derek… “a masterpiece” in the Third degree. _ “Who’s on FOist?”  The U.S. Attorney is trying to STEEL 2nd Base and Camilo sends a 300 mile an Hour fastball and it’s strike Three for the Third Generation “HISpanicados“. MANU “ArcheVâché Loca” Chao catches the ball and sends it to SECOND base, where El Ché Guevara makes an out and sends the little fucking “basher” back to the district where BAMBI was cleared for HIGH CRIMES AGAINST ITALIAN tourists.

CAMILO CIENFUEGOS is not phased by the class of 2019 graduates from the Luis Posada Carriles “black sites” School of The Americas. Michael Steel, widely recognized by a Tribe Called Quest as the originator of the now infamous “Humpty Dance” Gknows this and sends in the designated HITMAN, former U.S. District Attorney General, Antonio Gonsales, who dropped the ‘Z’s’ in his last name in order to bee accepted into the Heathers Club, where Nicole Wallace plays the role of a Veronica who framed both Roger Rabbit and some guy named Christian Slater.


Hey, Zapato!

Hey, Zapato!

Here’s the D.E.A.L., Cousin Joe, and please… nevermind that big ugly noggin you call a “Cabeza”. Eye sure hope Eugene “don’t cry for me Argentina” is on deck, because Eye has a feeling that a dumb country lawyer is going to Knead his presse credentials for today’s ball game between The Ronnie Reagan Senators vS. The Barbudos en el Bacardi… PLAYBALL!!!

And, lest[ER] Holt forgets: HASTA LA VICTORIA; and the melting stew, Always… sponsored by Vania.

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