Deer, Cousin Joe, Impossible KnotThing

Happy B-Day Weekend, DJ.
“We’ll meet again”.

Knots in the net

Knots on the net. It’s only a NOT on the neta.

Just ask any given
German calculating diva.

Thyme, time, Taim

Thyme, time, Taim ; Less than Zero per hour for Automation!!! Yeah… but then again Cousin Joe, it’s ok to call “African American” pussy, just flat out Black, baby.

AnyHow: impossible nothing.

Cookies for all

Cookies for all!!! Es política de Ley-less.

Gknow eye gnew ewe gknew the Sequence of a Dead–man Noose ; but, motherfucker tell me, does Mike Barnacle gknow that for the ElEy GKnothings this noose aint ain’t nothing but a thing?

... [A]nd if eye don't see you

… [A]nd if eye don’t see you, in the mean time, while Donald Is Vlad’s little bitch, Merry Mex–Más as well.

Impossible Gknotthing, Cousin Joe ; except “Death cab for Taxes, Cutie.”

… ps.: deer, Katy Kur. 🧘‍♂️ relax, right GKnow youse not QUALIFIED to go “long time”.

Kill bill Mac

Kill bill Mac… look into my Opened Alabama i’s.

Moving on: Sam Stein is Ugly! But at least His Ugliness was man enough to drink straight from Joe’s red cup! Unlike that Tulane University Walter [fellow].

BUT YES, sam stein is ugly. there is just no güey around that former huffer daily beast.

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