Deer, Nicole:

Nice dress.
…[A]nd no, Nicolle, “gangsters” don’t “run”; Ari Melber is the expert on RAp lyricists but GknowKnow!… NO!!! gangsters like trump are too FAT32 to run–sys.

Fucking young niggas* don’t Gknow where it is at! Do Ewe Gknow What “butters” is talking about?

* Deer “low ceiling paperback RIGHTER” 
…[I]t is because EYE jerk-off in LowCeilings that i am able to go the distance, but nevermind the Racists, in París the “N” word is just a Pundit’s sound-byte, just ask Kaz-JAY–Z and Kanye, so don’t shoot the Copy–Editor.

Coming up on Deadline WaWaLand:
“Dirty Porn… Pool”, starring Jerry Seinfeld ; but First, Eugene Robinson does the Boss–ain’t—Nova. Donald Trump has “the great White Gangster” appeal. Y’Gknow: Tosh(point)Oh walmart greeter pull. Donald Trump is a big fat gangster.

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