Over on Babylon ii — Dear, Marianne

In Local nEws Rene Cassin has the cure to stupidity à Champs—Pied Noirs.

La lona is the missing Patrulla de France

La lona is the missing Patrulla de France.

The Rook is wearing Dodger Bleü… realease the HEIDI!!! Release the little Heidis along the Rio de Ariann Grande!!! Olivia, if that is your real nane… NAME. And if ewe want gook grammar go to Kim Jung Il. Fuck You Donald Trump.

and in paris…
dear, God ( eye don’t believe in Ewe, but Damn!!! )

Meanwhile, the only debate for September and not on the Rachel Maddow Show should bee between Barnie and Kamela. Redundant Period, point virgule ; no disrespect to the Mighty Mighty Bosstonnes, love you as a Senator, eye fear you as Donald Trump’s replacement.

Those damn Green Coat Yankees

Those damn Green Coat Yankees… gringo, go home! Get out of the White House… and let Sarah Huckabee Sanders eat her burritos.

Is there anything that the frogs wont do to bogart the best wasser on the planet‽  oh, the humanity: zeppelin goes here.

At 13:45 on the MSNBC, Mika has finally come around and she is now covering PORN. Long–gone are the days when Willie Geist would terrify her with his Osito de Peluche Astronaut suit. .:. oh Harvey Weinstein, you sure are a miracle worker ; and thank you for that pair of dispeakable bostoniens.


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