Este pueblo [bueno] ya no tiene remedio… ingratos.

It’s 10 a.m. in Paris, France.

Lo bueno es de que them Pied Noirs ganaron la copa!

Support your local Grizzlys and of course, bikers mannequins à Étoile también. Motorsports, mes Fêtards, are not the enemy, stupidity is.

Gooooooo, MadAgasCaR

Gooooooo, MadAgasCaR… fuck John Schofield, fuck him and his stupid little ´tee’.

Congratulations, Algeria. You and México are the Champions. Enjoy the pussy.

Mean, while… à espaldas de la Baggagerie:

La vida en Piaf

La vida en [pixelated] Piaf.

What Mí güorry‽… EYE have a F00T L0CKER in every construction dump site.

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