China—Shyna!!! you are going to rhule a dead world.

It is INCREDIBLE THAT french Eateries from 14:00 hours to 20:Oh this is no thyme for SIESTA, Mr. Macron. But the Watermelon Wedges are Dee—Lys—síOz… Speed Rabbit Pizza My Ass… Domino(s), here Eye come. In Underwear, of course… and Eye just jerked-off at the McDo, Merci Mucho Munch.

Wa–Thaï — París?

Wa–Thaï — París?… masaje sin SEXO!!! Dime* a dozen, BaBy.

And no little French Caesar’s pizza shop owner, c’est moi ; Je SWISS Désole. Keep on rocking at Georges Pompidou Lab!!! Love Y’all… you fucking money laundering RACKETEERS.

S.I.N. aditivos

S.I.N. aditivos. Chitlins de Poulet con Harissa… Eye bean down to the Crossroads, Issy, ya sé D.A.T. los PROGRAMADORES DE LUC FREGÓN are versados en los rollos de los PUMAS, Issy. Ni que decir, MAIS que nada, sepan pinches gnomos que yo crecí a la côte de los Borrachotes de CHAPINGO… y que Xinge a Su Matra la migra agropecuaria de Donald J. Trump.

… Musical Guest ;
What do Ewe Gnomes know about Stevie Ray Vaughn: TSIN’gTao, Brozo, Con una Tsingada.


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