Jaque a Neymar ; frog goes to Catalonia

Dear, Marianne, please BEE advised that evil gnomes got in the middle of our appointment to donate PLASMA.

Just the facts, Frenchy!

Just the facts, Frenchy! Just the facts. Now, are you sure that the Mounties came and took your jobs‽ Or did those Gad Damned FrEnch-Canadian Edmaleh-es-esos just took your managers?


… fucking little gnomes. Son las verduleras, Dujardin. In our Défense, that conforama couch outside Saint Antoine was very–berry Nice, and the Coronas®️ just got in the güey.

Je suis désole. But it is true: El Tumbador me La Pela!!! La Orquesta “del monte” cancela tocada en la Cárcel de Vincennes. Reportes preliminares apuntan a que los muy mamberos se perdieron en el llano: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_Fouquet

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