Ladies in Gemini, su majestad: MUSIC

Dear, Eugene, Samba pa’Alexi on Axios TV:


Badges güerita‽ Öüï don’t need no stinking red socks badges!

In Local News: to honor the Rocket Man, French President, Emmanuel Macron, will bee awardING the Despot in the Peoples Republik of North Corea, Kim Jung Trump, the famed French Legion of Honor.

Maya goes Hobo

Maya goes Hobo… or rather, HoBeeta… and Crystal Aguas goes: da-ra-dee-da-ree—dah, repeat as needed.

In NATO times news:

Bernie Sanders for President.

and thenAmerica...

and then, America… everything WILL BEE muy bueno.

You can put that, Flaco, in the bag, but before the Canicula gets hot, here’s a Tornado for your shaking Nantes frames.


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