Coming up on Telemundo: hay 40 grados.

Ya llegó tu lagunero, negra… now with NoiZe ReduCtioN Technology.

Salle Christian Bailly aka

Salle Christian Bailly aka: BATMAN! SIEGE: 1er distrito… the song is about an African immigrant that may, or may not have been eaten by a shark, or died of thirst.

Live, from San José de Las Panochas, casi esquina con Hanna Montana.

The new barbarians

The new barbarians, o como dicen los franceses: Le Verre de Vin du Moment: Mojito mojado.


and still to come:
“Hey, Pachuco!”

There’s a Stonewall on the fly

coming up:

Coming up: TENga su TEN, Mr. Diez.

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