Don’t call it a « French fry”… sponsored by the Podcasts du Le Beaubourg

Live from The Poconos
It’s François a la patate !

Professor Eddie Glaude, Jr.
[My Nigga’ at Princeton]
and the structured story of
“Elenita” Poniatoswka
[on the Back of The Bracero experience].

… and still to come:
The Scrotum of Jorge Negrete, by el maistro Alfonso Zayas y el bombin de borolas en la mansión de Karime en Buckingham’s back yard… sponsored by las [alas] y los hilos “parlantes” de Sasha, en matrimonio con las famosas Tangas de Frida Tam-Tam.

You’ve heard the Lady, “Todd”, take out the trash, the City of Paris burns-it up to heat up the water for Francilienes… o algo así, It’s an underground structure that runs through the gutters, FDR would understand, Betsy DeVoss and her education fund would not. Fuck her, and her Price “warmongering” soldier–of–profiteers brother.

And doña Poni… don’t call mí Chicano, je suis un product du de La S[oul]EP. Merci. However, doña Poni, if you are in need of a Chicano Warrior, please visit El Vez, that feller does a pretty swell FAT Elvis on Ventura Blvd. rendition of “The King”, but El Vez, doña poni, never–ever performs at the Poconos, that stage and, that spot is for WOPS and Teamsters.

ISSY, Cousin Joe, just to drive the POINT home, to them fucking Ozarks, here’s an ol’favorite racist clown that the Americana Folklore produced ; it’s a GEMA of a song: You Never even called mí by my name:

You never called mí, by my NAME: it’s Armando Segovia,… ISSY, don Nico (the villain in this most non-consequential e intrascendente spaghetti drama) YO soy Gerundio, güey! Eye put the “ando – iendo” in them fucking ING’s, o mismo con los pinches “ingenieros » de la tal Dra. Castellano.

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