2008–2019 Finals Week, The Rich cats Club

Sección C: Deportes on ESPN 8

A True Scottish Gal

A True Scottish Little team vS. the Fondo Monetario de Argentina. •|• in Football news, who the fuck is Marianne Williamson and what’s her strong position? Does she pivot?

“El Ocho”

Instructions: leave your motherfunking Billy Shears eyes at the door, and with that thread in mind, the student will compliment the Verb with a gerund (armando, por decir) and some motherfucking loose ends to explain the Eye–muscle–Development in Sir Paul McCartney’s sleepy puppy   million–dollar Ay’s!

Section Önë: DSK, El Banco de México, y por supuesto (Trevor Noah), La Guardia de Nanterre (University… casi esquina con un tribunal de Alta Instancia, o algo así).

[sic]... ibid

[sic]… ibid … it is all GREEK to Mí, ain’t that right Flaca?, dijo el ex gobernardor del Banco de México,  el pelotero y doctor, Agustin Carstens.

No, Madame… take a seat*, please, which it’s a Spanish variant for them o’l Ciudad de méxico B.o.c.h.os., acting como si fueran carros de sitio.

—– MORE —–

Seat, la touche latine héritée de l’Espagne franquiste… brought to you by Donnie Deutsch discount auto

Attn. Ed’s: Jinggle follows:


DONNIE Deutsche’s Discount Auto,
“Get the Deutsch discount
people’s discount ».

Extra Credit:
This section must be scored using an Indiana Mellon Cougar camp beat, with white picketed FENCES in Washington (of course) and, an Authority Song to fight the Meg Ryans’ of the world… fucking John by–the–güey, didn’t even stand a chance because as the “Last Week’s” Olivers on the HoBO Tube and, the good people at South Park know very damn well, is that AUTHORITHA, [on the “Chicken Lover” episode] always wins.

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