Finals Week: Cultural Appropriations [on the French Republic]

What now?

marianne punto fr

marianne punto fr punto com @

What next?

Bomb Bomb Bomb… bomb bomb Iran, —of course.

Live, from the Saudi Arabia Convention Center:
Holy Wars.
The Farewell Tour

Where to?

Infinity (Renault) Arena and beyond, Woody ; the Show Must Go On, —of course.

Anuncio: Elvis… if you are listening, Kill Yourself Before you reach 40. In the next REset, that’s an ORDER, Sargento.

Elvis on Netflix… “And that’s all Eye have to say,” said a very hormonal Cousin Joe, lucky for Mika, over at the CBC (fucking Canucks) it’s National Martini Day.

And the Chairman of the board (at The Poconos) says:

donald Trump

donald Trump, by: el manitas.

« That’s Life,” Franck, hear the Bum out.

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