Serendipity — Une Méthode Impressionnante

Excelsior… o algo así, wait for it… Wait.

It’s Fusca Fest all–day, and all of the Night.

Warm Gun

August guns‽ Anyone? Warm August Guns!!! Get your warm fuscas.

In the beginning, God created The Beetle… the blitzkrieg, followed,

Anygüey, Mrs. Robinson… for the next 43 days, Mexico’s French trained Gendarmerie is paying for Trump’s Wall near La Chingada, en Chiapas ; oh The HumaniZapatistas!!!

For the next 43 days, México is paying for America’s biggest SIN, since creating Alabama… shame on el presidente, Andrés Manuel López Obrador ; que falta de bolas.



… con una chingada, cabrón.

If it’s Martes, ni te cases ni thé embarques; this is HOW  NATO sees the Circus ; Season ii :

Maths and Trump

Yellow Fever… Maths and Trump, Chuck Todd is Next.

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