Énorme, and 99 other “buzz” words at the Stein household

Foreward by Jean–Loop Shiflet, and associates… at the International New York International Illustrators Times en Tel Aviv, or some patch of Arid®️ patch of land like that.

The fool on the hill

The fool on the hill, featuring: RAIN.

* Happiness is a Warm Salma Hayek and a Smokin’ Fusca, —en Brasil 68’… and 👁‍🗨 quote: Bang, bang ; shoot – shoot.

« À plus ! » , o como dicen los muy twitteros: À la revoyure !… p.11 ; vía: Le Goût des Mutts (scratch that, Noah) Le Goût des MOTS, not Mutts ; les mots son French et “les mutts” are a sketch on the Eddie Izzard 2020 Normandy Tour.

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