« They’re gonna put me in a Magical Mystery movie”…

Ayunando con Los Beatles:

Once de la mañana

Once de la mañana.:E9768E9F-019A-4083-8408-2EF9EACF139F •|• Central NATO Times

_or Something like that, but first, we [the staff] take the long and accidentada road to Les Etoiles del llamado « Hexagone”, with your host:

Mr. Octopus’s from les Dujardins
Pont Neuf

…and still to come:

The Reach del Noa-Noa

The Reach del Noa-Noa… Cuando quieras tu ‽ [amperbang], call the offices of El Pulpo Paul. El Pulpo Paul, your source for World Cup machinations, straight from the source ; purgatory, of course!

The Reality of Them Poles.
FRANCE vS. them Brits
Katty Kay splits her spirit before
The Match…
Will she croak like Kermit
or, Cousin Joe, will she bark
like them Bulldogs?
That, motherfucker*, is the question‽

It's X-Mas layaway season

It’s X-Mas layaway season.:337D62D8-6F87-4D39-9E6B-3B3AF0D96039:. •|• Shop Now before the tariffs hit… meanwhile, at Punta Canah, 99 bottles of death on a beer can.

[your daily BullWinkle show]

*that hasterisk (motherfucker), must be read like an Arizona Cop… from Alabama, of course.

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