High Noon With Seth Macron

Zip code follows:

En Route

En route to GOLD

Hey there —Hallie Jackson… coming up on the PROGRAMMING:

Un Belge à Rio… Eye swear, Siren, you gotta hold at least 30% of the memory SPACE on this most inconsequential blog ; please wait for context from the MirroR FacteuR:

Yes, you can, write this...

Yes, Hallie Jackzon, you can write this up.

EyE mean, the SYNCHRONICITY alone, Gordo,   it’s flabbergasting.

Anygüey, Cousin Joe, nevermind the WINGS, they are based in Évreux, them Byrds are part of the payload.

Luck has nothing to DUE

Luck has nothing to DUE with it*, but it helps

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  1. 🎶 HAPPy birthThey, Mr. Président… in the Voice, of Marilyn Monroe (Doct.) – Armando Segovia

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