Mean, while Donald Trump lands at South Park

Now here’s the little story of our fearless Commander–in–Chief, who as hisSTORY tell U.S., earned a buck or two after playing HookiE on da’Nam, and upon partnering up with Col. Walter E. Kurtz and venturing into the Chinese “restauration” racket.

From the Donald Trump presidential library

From the Donald Trump presidential library.

Now the first thing that Every aspiring officer in Trump’s Army *Should Know is that our valiant and hung like a horse (a white horse, not just any horse, but a beautiful White Horse) leader WAS Never–Ever_ever, —captured by the Enemy.

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Future Air Force Officers shouT:
Hip—Hip McCain
Hip—Hip McCain!!!

Primus Behavior

Primus Behavior. Vote Bernie Sanders.

Fuck Donald (draft dodging) Trump… and:

Russian helicopter noise

That’s a Russian helicopter noise ; Thank You Very Much or, some Spatziva in Cyrillic like this: Спасибо.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, —bomb out Montana. Hear Mí out Frankie Hollywood, this güey, you dig a hole for your Pipe-Line… it’s a Wÿnn Wïn Situation.

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