Dear: Robert Mueller / happening now

Happening NOW on CSPAN 69 (The NSFW Cable News Atelier):

The degenerates

La Porte está abierta. On the trail to CATCH 22 jerks: D39006B4-9A3D-45D0-8256-FC39EAB05DB8 •|• Synopsis follows. The degenerates.

The French translation of the Special Council announcement to the American (U.S.) People.

A Two year investigation in a 3 minute blowjob… it sounds better in French.

Robert blows the Boss at TeaTime

Robert blows the Boss at Tea Time… the wives had such a lovely time watching these two “patriots” Blow each other off.

musical guest:
An American Song in París
Featuring Dr. Meachum and an indian from The Mighty Mighty Warren’s Tribe.

Bonnie & Clyde go on honeymoon

Bonnie & Clyde go on honeymoon :DD1A36A5-99F0-474C-85EC-AB5BC9CFCBC2 •|• WILLIE geist takes control of the fucking Circus. Go, Willie!!!!

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