Drop The Load — Alaska is not Overflowing

And the rest is HYSTERIA.

Codex Urbanus (defense mechanism industries)

Codex Urbanus (defense mechanism industries). Support your local defense contractor.

By: Gabriela Sabatini
reporting from a
Frequency–Hop Vespa
en Las Malvinas.

Dresden Follows

Dresden Follows, with Musical guest: A.L.A.S.K.A. [y] Dinamarca.

Speak (easy) and carry a CINDY KATE card.

It’s Christmas a la Valencianna!!!
¡Joder, Rachel Maddow!!!
Eye bet that morning blog producer (of yours) didn’t know that while studying a broad, you performed on a travesti traveling tarmac where you sang with a Gemma’s voice. Merry X-más désde ALASKA(ntinas) where Pit-Bull is standing–by and ready to throw the first pitch on today’s Triple Header.

From now on, per the standard set by the Special Council of the Mueller Investigation,

From now on, per the standard set by the Special Council of the Mueller Investigation, all enlisted personnel, can tell their chain–of–command to go fuck themselves and that they will not be Answering ANY GOD–DAMN Questions. Additionally, fuck the people of the United States of America. Who do they think that they are, the “Boss” of Every Swinging Dick at the Justice Apartment? Not in these times. Not with the current trend in Juntas and Syndicates.


We beguine the beguine for today’s programming in the voice of Brian Williams (sounding-off from a BattleStation’s frequency hopping intercom speaker). It’s now 9 a.m. in Central Siren Times and Karl Lagerfeld (in the form of a Schnauzer, look it up) welcomes Mr. Lauda into the ZEN8 (pronounced: Zhen–Huit) circuit at the Passage de la canopée. Mr. Lauda had a very juicy offer, marinated on slow-burning hickory flavored Mesquite logs, to run circles at the Mike Pence INDIOS 500 derby ; instead, Herr Lauda joins “Cheludo Mantis” and “Crocuta Vespa” at the P.O.L.E.(s) positioning of the Saint–Estuche 1000.

Merry X–más everybody. Join La Armada (aka: La Ficha Amarilla)… dear, Purple Pundit:

The following anthem is dedicated with all–due–respect to your 7-year old screenmaster… Kid: skip the boy scouts, join The Legion.

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