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The Deeper Shade of Soul, with Donnie Deutsch.

Estoy buscando a América

Estoy buscando a América.

Let’s make a B.U.C.K., motherfucker.

Let’s sell tobacco products to fetuses in Alabama. Let’s Get them little hicks before they make it to “the” Late Nights, and/or Daily Shows.

For the record, Cousin Joe, öüï never met a hick, and/or Hicks that we [the staff] never liked.

… and Mika, Rolling Stones (agents) may hurt bittersweet symphonies (in the making), but then again, Eye am “a million different people from one day to next”… and then the mother said:

Anamaría… did you paint La Seine à Paris cómo América sin Alaska ni Argentina?

Just add grits!

HICKS del valle de Chihuahua… qué bonito es Chihuahua. Just add grits!

…[Y] ya todo mundo sabe como es Anamaría cuando se le olvidan los sujetadores en Escocia. Anamaría answers, “no mother, that must have been Michael Che, he’s off for the Summer à La Villette y se la pasa haciendo puras travesuras“.

Semolina Pilchard steps out of the comfort zone

Semolina Pilchard steps out of the comfort zone, and enlists the services of Michael Che to find the missing French Boobs in The U.K.

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