Dear, Donnie Deutsch… meet Sponge Bob

Hola, Donnie Deutsch.

Timeout! Deliveries are back.

Timeout! All the News are back on Print, and back at the newsstands. Excelsior!!!  The Shining now carries The New Yorker in restored format.

Listen, Kid, don’t worry about it. Cousin Joe will fix it in the Editing cut of the White Album and, will shine the naked emperor’s shoes at the 72nd Walking of the Cannes.

For the record, bow ties are right up there with stupid cowboy hats (worn in–doors), and Donnie, French Cuffs are a serious thing to ignore. A good leader will tell its brethren that their wrist look ridiculous with those hippie-bands where swing control is managed from. And don’t slouch!!!Don’t slouch next to the Poles!!! And Donnie, bee advised that this most inconsequential B.L.O.G. is INDEED blocked  at  by Corporate Servers (to shield their Servants), and we [the staff] like it Like That, with a latte on the side. Amen.

En contexto

En Contexto, with the Reverend Al Sharpton, Weekends on the Peacock channel of the United States, which it is probably owned by CHYNA! —- more —– Eye am eight years old and this is funny to Mí, Mika.

Any güey, Tim Ryan. DUDE!!! Run as V.P. with Sanders. Don’t try to Bogart his Joint, but öüï get it, The Poles are Talking. The Poles are Yappi. Anyway, Tim, we [the staff] find that shower jingle appropriate since öüï shower after we write this most inconsequential blog [when we can, since we bee outdoors most of the time].

File photo of Sanders sporting appropriate Wrist Control.

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