El Western de un “Adulto” en El País de Roma

Intermedio desde la RepuBBlica

Hey, Siri

Hey, Siri: Chinga tu madre! BBecause it’s May–ehem!

La Investigación desde La Porte d’Italie, vía Hollandia Land :

De las urnas puede salir una Europa bloqueada.

Everything is Squared by triangles


72° Festival de Minnesota vía Cannes en Asturias; desde Londres, —of course.

• Page 34, (Angle) CULTURA. “el país” « Un Periódico Global “:
« Feminism is a form of humanism.”
SIRI HUSTVEDT, honorary daughter of Rocky Racoon and Magill, …[who] called herself Lil; But everyone knew her as Nancy.

Análisis of a Dickens lover

Análisis of a Dickens lover… dear, Charolastra turned Chicuarote: EyE am 8 years–old and this is funny to me. Hey, Siri, please relay to Alexa to go fuck herself.

• Front Page, (Angle) TechnoSluts. “the times”… « Dieu et Mon Droit “: Hey, Mark Bridges, in lieu of the subscription fee to snatch your front-pager opinion article, “Hey, Siri… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ai-siri-alexa-female-voice-sexist-stereotype-patriarchy-subservient-women-2smzz0j2g ; we [the staff] instead forward a very IMPORTANT public service announcement regarding GNOMES, which were was featured by the most feminist rag in the Mother of all n° 10’s (at Downing Street, or some joint like that).

All the news fit to snatch

All the news fit to snatch, from the Month of May–ehem! In The U.K… short people got no reason to steal French Boobies on tourist cameras!!!

• Page treinta y CINCO (Angle) The Continuing Story of Rocky Raccoon y el cinito mexicano en las Europas de la ex ProMéxico y la chingada 4ª Transgresión… BUT FIRST, pinche Diego Luna:

dear, Marianne:

ÖÜÍ INTERRUPT THIS TRANsmission to express our support for the safe return of Douglas “patience”, we [the Staff] hope that the french feminist “ile’ing” in Skye recovers her boobs on the webs.

Bee patient, Doug.

Bee patient, Doug… Luc Fregón and his Ninja Pandas are on the C.A.S.E.,  and Semolina Pilchard is A.W.A.R.E. of las travesuras de la chingada francesa—esa.

— Öüï now return to our regular intermission and pg. 35’s (Angle) on”The Continuing Story of Rocky Raccoon” y el cinito mexicano Sans Compétition, with Luc Fregón, —of Course!



• El País, ibid. (p.35) with your host: Alejandro Trebeck: PORNO PARA LA NUEVA OLA DE LA ARISTOCRACIA? Let’s find out.

Preliminary "Análisis"

Preliminary “Análisis” presenta un cuadro sin triángulos.

TROMBONE, motherfuNkers… more Trombone, S.V.P., with Grizzmann and Madonna on T.O.P..

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