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Rachel was having an existential crisis.

Ahhhh… Europa Day 2016. Them were the D.A.Z.E., eh? If memory serves us [still] “the” SNL was Alfred E.Newmaning CLUE®️. Everyone on that sketch was touting the “Eye Am An American” get out of Jail free card. We, the staff, would love to break the episode down for Chris Matthews, but then … earlier today during the programmig [3 am CET]:

_ but then öür memory reminded us that Chris Matthews has an All–Access card to the NBC archives so he can break it down to Mika on the Purple Pundit’s future show… or something like that.

The fleet

The Fleet at them Sirènes Love Shack… they too, fuck like Wabbits.

in other trains: Chuck Todd’s costume is a spiffy-looking tip-top Chicago style suit, and the entire staff [on this side of the Atlantic] is Jealous Again for the remaining hair on his quema-cocos.

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