“On Democracy », and hot-dogs

If you insist.

Support your local Jeepsters

Support your local Jeepsters.

DAY 846/7 must bee read in a
Brian Williams
let’s get ready to rumble

...[A]nd Eye RAN

…[A]nd Eye RAN:E111778B-BA46-4C1C-9064-E25D2B3EBDEC •|• …[E]ye RAN so Far Agüey. All the Way to Montana.


Dear, Rep. (D-MÍ) Elissa Slotkin:
Them Trumps have established that The United States Congress is a redundant accessory to the U.S. Constitution. Some Brits agree.

P.S.: “Thanks for not running for president of the EEUU”.


To our non-readers out West.
Please keep mind that öüï [the staff] have suspended normal operating procedures for our breaking the news segments.
Now, in order to fill the passing days while Brontis à la préfecture de Cité makes a decision about our legal resident’s status in France, we have no other option but to play the news to the beat of Tetris®️ and fit these in such a way as to… please excuse the time-delay parallelism. Gremlins are hitting our signal as we type. Bugs Bunny is on the trail of them little fuckers.

Actual London Time

Actual Londres times. 6 in da–morning.

But first,
a word from our sponsors and
la Nuit Europpéenne des Musas, o algo así.
18 de mayo a partir de las 19h y hasta que las Once Conti* toquen con el Midnight Oil.

En Cartelera:

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VIETATO FAUTEUIL: le nouvel homme fort de l’Europe.

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