Pomp!!! Ëh–y–Oh. — Day light comes, and?

Öüï now return to our regular Organized Grab–Ass edition of Jeopardy, with your host, “porn–Stach” Trebek, in the role of Luis Manuel Pelayo.

Chuck E S un Pirate

Chuck “E” “S” un Pirate de Tehuantepec!!!

For 69 Smack’ah–roos:

—What irreversible and catastrophic event–in–progress has the current Secretary of State of the United Disarray of America, Michael Pompeo, all giddy and looking like a happy little 3 pound pink baby’s tucus to the tune of “Always look on the bright side of LIFE?

[Returning challenger, and Brea Canyon celebrity, Armando Álvarez, hits the buzzer sound first]

Will Farrel’s voice:
Donald Trump’s new trade route at the Tehuantepec Isthmus!!!

Everybody must get...

Everybody must get???:7269CB14-53F1-4AF1-BDD7-54E5CEC97BFA •|• This is the reason why everyone with the means to $urviv€, must GET into a Martian Suit, hence: los putos de Molotov, tienen recursos para migrar, siempre y cuando lo hagan como “Ailiens” de Marcianos.

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