D.A.T. D.A.R.E — Don’t Change Horses in Oakland, Torre.

— Paris, to Mika.
Paris, to Mika. Come In Mika.


Fuchs like rabbit

… Come In Mika. Enemy Recon spotted.
— Correction! Enemy RACOON “spotted eyes”, Is Identified.
Öüï repeat, Enemy Racoon, is identified.

Come in, Mika.

—– Victory in Europe follows…



—–  more  —–

May Ewe never forget:

— 1664, Luis X14 inaugura una pastelería en Versalles.

We don’t need no stinking
“QR code”

Is it illegal to throw away food in France?

Full disclosure, merci pour the Salt et le la latrine. We [the staff] really–really appreciate it, and it should go without mentioning that we try to leave them thrones in the same condition that these “American -capitalist- Style” commodes are found. Sin embargo, Ronnie, if that is your real name… The TimeStamp of this OBSERVATION (It’s on CCTV) 05/07/2019 at 10:20:04. Los hechos son reales, los pormenores  DIS•Tor•Sion•ADOs, y la experiencia, “Self–Actualizing”.

355 years later, ““Madge”” screams at the McDo à Bonne Nouvelle*:


and this, Mr. Ronnie McRonnie Face, es un sueño guajiro for the following reasons on the NPR; check it out. In the meanwhile, let Mí make a run to the pouBelle to pick up that motherfucking egg mcmuffin. Wait Önë and keep your motherfunking Squelch–On.


—– more —–

Segues with Joe…

Are you now, or have you ever been a Capitalist?

Amateur! You Fools!!!

For the record on the continuing coverage of El Cautiverio de el Ed Sullivan Show: El güey de la mano de guante se volvió mannequin en este mash-up… and Mr. Report (Colbert), straight mash-ups without nuance are for amateurs… Season Önë brought to Ewe by a  g.r.A.N.T. from L’Oreal®️, o algo así. It does not matter, for a time–shifting Trust Fund time–shifting mercenary, grants are for beer, vacations, and of course, —fuck money. Self actualization and Maslow’s logic  only accepts secret handshakes and ∴ American Express®️∴.


… [A]nd everybody  already knows how
WILLIE—Joe Jack Yougèné is a real
Cheeky bastard, and so he responds:–o

— Come in Mika — Mika come in.
— Signal is limited but if any of Ewe’s out there on the other side of The Atlantic, be advised that the Colbert Report has dropped yet another clue about how he (Colbert Report) continues to hold The Ed Sullivan Theater in cautiverio somático.

—Battlestations. —Battlestations!
— The following is an After-Action–Review, detailed by Corporal Odalin Tutuola; Son of LOLA, who always gets what she wants.
— Cpl. Tu-Tu-Ola spotted the lameness in the GoT/Avengers mash up for the Colbert Report. All credit in this Observation goes to CoCo, which should go  without having to stare… without having to SAY!!!


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