Issy, hoy 2 de mayo no hubo noticias ni en Venezuela, ni tampoco en “La Casa” de Nancy

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It's my dad

“What does it matter to you”…

Today’s Circus is being painted for you by Kentucky Fried Chicken. In today’s episode, the staff learns that EVERY MO•THER•FUCKING•THING that they learned after being forced to recite the Pledge of Allegience is a fucking SHAM.

MAYO ES EL MES, DE TODAS las madres.

La receta de El Coronel

La receta de El Coronel: 35484CE4-5C7F-4A1F-8DA2-0FB0DDCEC1A7 •|• CIVIL WAR!!!

In other news that we [the staff] are not covering öüï can attest that Kasie Kerkuffle (Kasie DC) is the only ÖNË that can rock a gray tee on The Motherfunking Hill… do a whole HOUR.

Breaking the News that öüï are not covering:

15h47 CET Kasie Kerkuffle sports a coat.
The fans scream: take it off.

… [A]nd in S.P.O.R.T.S. with Willie Geist:

Rusia 2 – E.E.U.U. 0

Musical Guest:
People Born In May,
(feat. The Poles Are Talking)

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