En Francia y en el Mundo, hoy no hubo noticias

En cartelera:
Golpe mediático, starring Liam Neeson.


Synopsis — A day at The Races meets Once Upon A Time up Sarah Silverman’s can-can dress.

The Pitch:
Liam Neeson goes undercover in search of the real Paul Mccartney. His first clue is a snapshot of the “Winged Beatle” playing the role where he is feeilng feeling Japanese. First stop, The 145th edition of The Kentucky Derby.

Semilina's Saint-Ouen's sucursal

From the Semilina Pilchar’s Saint-Ouen’s offices.

El arco de los hechos:
Nótese los alrededores. You might as well put Andy Garcia in the role of the trombone player and call it Black Rain… of course, in the eventuality that Andy García would accept the role, a miniature version of a trombone would be required from la llamada “utilería”.


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